Josh Dean

I am a journalist, author, and podcast host based in Brooklyn, New York. Over the years I've written for dozens of national magazines, including Rolling Stone, New York, and Esquire. I am a correspondent for Outside, and a regular contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ, and Popular Science, among others. I was one of the founding editors of PLAY, The New York Times Sports Magazine and am almost certainly the only person in history to play in both the Elephant Polo World Championships and the Quidditch World Cup.

I am the author of SHOW DOG, published by HarperCollins/IT Books in February of 2012, and THE TAKING OF K-129," published by Dutton/Penguin in September 2017. My next book, tentatively titled THE IMPOSSIBLE FACTORY, is about aerospace designer Kelly Johnson and his legendary Skunk Works design shop. It should arrive in late 2020 or early 2021, also from Dutton/Penguin. The Clearing, a podcast produced by Jonathan Menjivar and me, is a collaboration between Pineapple Street and Gimlet, and launched in July 2019.


Books: Daniel Greenberg of the Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Agency

Film/TV: Michelle Kroes at CAA; Josh Adler and Jairo Alvarado at Circle of Confusion.